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Our mission

Our primary mission is to assist in preparation and employment integration of immigrants, members of ethno-cultural communities and visible minorities, youth and women of Greater Montréal.

To achieve its mission, Génération Emploi has developed a range of services related to preparation, integration and job retention:

  • Assessment of individual needs
  • Information on the labour market
  • Creative job search methods, based on the work of RN Bolles
  • Intercultural job counseling
  • Career guidance
  • Creation of a career portfolio
  • Mentorship and sponsorship
  • Networking and contact with potential employers
  • Training and development
  • Cultural competency and diversity management
  • Accredited Training: Intercultural career coaching


The centre was founded in 1983 through an initiative known as Génération Travail – YMCA, headed by Mrs. Silvana Anania. Génération Emploi was aimed towards the socio-economic integration of the highly disadvantaged youth employment sector. In July 1989, Génération Emploi expanded its operations and services to include access to employment equity and employment integration of cultural communities and visible minorities, youth and women of Greater Montréal. In February 1998, Centre Génération Emploi was incorporated and became a independent legal entity.

Today, the organization serves a culturally diverse clientele which is mainly composed of immigrants and ethnocultural minorities. Through specialized projects, the center also continues to maintain its commitment to the employment integration of disadvantaged youth and women.


Four ethical principles guide employees of Génération Emploi in their work and in their relations with the client:

  1. Respect for human dignity
  2. Responsibility to the client / participant to provide quality services
  3. Integrity in relationships
  4. Responsibility to society.

Principles and values

Universal accessibility

Anyone can benefit from the services of the organization regardless of the client's financial situation.

Client Needs

We consider, first and foremost, the client's needs.

Adaptation issues and diversity

Identify, as clearly and as accurately as possible, all problems related to the challenges experienced by people in job transition. Take into account all components that are part of the person's particular situation, and respect cultural diversity.

The client is a person who has power over their own development

Work under the assumption that every client has the potential to influence their development, regardless of any difficulties, their personal pace, or the nature of their problems.

Client autonomy in employment

Aim to integrate the client into the labor market and complete a transition to long-term employment while providing ongoing support.

Give means to measure results

Build a methodology to measure outcomes after consultations.

Assurance of optimal management

Use available resources in the most efficient and most cost-effective manner.